All ever green music’ played in a jazzy cool & blues mood.  Repertoire ranges from present to old golden melodies. Experience of more than 10 years. Performing in 5 star Hotels around the world.

Dave Wizzy

Anita Mbaru Barsey

Wizzy fun Barsey


Perfect for your church weddings & concerts. Working with the greatest voices Brussels can provide !!!

Alexia, Dave, Didier & Madina

Dave, Madina, Alexia & Didier






Afro-rhythms & dance. One of the greatest folk duo ever formed as said by most people after every concert they’ve performed. Traditional music from Uganda mixed with western choreography, a lot of energy transmitted from the stage to the audience, watch out for this special performance!!!. Twice appearing with Dr.Gabs American jazz evening at the Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels and many concerts around Europe. 

Rama & Wizzy

 Doctor  Gabs - King Wizzy - Sugar blue - Jene Jack  "Bozar"

King Wizzy djembe "Bozar"


Rama Serugo





World music. Here it’s a mixture of African vibes with Western influences. Played in a funky afro groove!!! Staged on several festivals in Belgium & Holland.

"Group Ramawizz" Millennium night at Hotel Bristol Stephanie


To all those that appreciate R & B, Rap, Reggae, Soul & Jazz. Try out this incredible set. You won’t regret this wonderful animation to cheer up your pub or party.


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